One device, multiple ways of using

One of the most compact and cheapest air purifier on the market!


It is pointless to take a shower two or more times per day but walk in dirty clothes. It is pointless to clean your house every day but walk around with dirty hands or feet. The same applies to our homes. I still don’t understand people, who are buying water in the shop (okay, this I understand, I do the same), because they believe that water from their sink is dirty and not drinkable. But why the hell then you use this water for washing fruits, vegetables, and other foods, what you are eating? Where is the point?! Well, I was a person like that for a while, but then I asked myself this question. And after one month of sailing around the shops, I found the answer…


Ozone air purifiera2z-ozone-aqua-6-reviews


Long story short

With this small and powerful device, you can do multiple jobs. It is portable air purifier with different functions. Not to get boring and make you sleepy, I can just mention that it has;

  • – Timer with 15 settings for different applications
  • – Two flexible tubes for ozonating
  • – One year full parts and service warranty
  • – Different diffuser stones

I believe that this explains you nothing. The same would be for me if I would not use this device. But let’s bump into this thing….

Product Dimensions11 x 3 x 8 inches
Item Weight3.1 pounds
Shipping Weight3.1 pounds
ManufacturerA2Z Ozone

1Run 2 minutes and turn off , one time run only
2Run 5 minutes and turn off, one time run only
3 Run 10 minutes and turn off, one time run only
4Run 15 minutes and turn off, one time run only
5Run 20 minutes and turn off, one time run only
6Operates for 2 minutes every hour, repeats every hour
7Operates for 5 minutes every hour, repeats every hour
8Operates for 10 minutes every hour, repeats every hour
9Operates for 15 minutes every hour, repeats every hour
10Operates for 20 minutes every hour, repeats every hour
11Operates for 2 minutes every four hours, repeats every 4 hours
12Operatesfor 5 minutes every four hours, repeats every 4 hours
13Operates for 10 minutes every four hours, repeats every 4 hours
14Operates for 20 minutes every four hours, repeats every 4 hours
15Operates for 30 minutes every four hours, repeats every 4 hours
Run Time (minutes)OFF251015202510152025102030
Repeat Time (hours)OFFOFFOFFOFFOFFOFF1111144444

The way I use this air purifier

  1. First and most important – I use it for water purification. In this way, I am 100% sure that the food what I am eating is clean. I simply fill a bowl with water, drop the diffuser into the water and ozonate for 10 minutes. This also increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Secondly, this device avoids shopping and walking around with tons of water bottles. A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 effectively purify a glass of water to a gallon. To make this easier, I fill a bowl full of water and let this device to its job for 15 to 20 minutes. And indeed, believe me, or not, the taste and feeling after drinking this purified water is amazing. Joke but still true – time ago I though that I could purify water with this top rated air purifier and sell it to people, ha. Anyway, let’s continue…
  3. Thirdly, as I mentioned food and importance of clean food, it would not make sense if I would purify my water and ozonate vegetables in a dirty kitchen, right? Well, also for the kitchen I use this device. Ozonated water is a handy tool in your kitchen. I clean dusty shelves and utensils with it. Recently I discovered that I could transfer ozonated water into a spray bottle to spray down and clean windows and countertops. If I mentioned cleaning, then for sure I need to add a few more things. A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 can purify a space up to 300 square feet. Two openings on the back of the unit are for wall mounting. I usually place this device in my toilet or bedroom, to freshen up small parts in my house.


Operating Time And Room Size:

Room SizeFunctionON Time (minutes)OFF Time (hours)
100 ft21124
200 ft21254
500 ft213104

Do not allow the ozone level in any living area to exceed FDA-recommended level of 70 PPB.PPB = Parts per billion; 1000 PPB = 1 PPM. Square Ft is based on an 8 ft ceiling.

WARNING: Long term inhalation of high concentrations of ozone gas in the air can cause nasal and/or lung irritation. When using this unit for air treatment purposes, it is recommended that it be operated in unoccupied spaces.


Am I happy with my purchase?

For Aqua 6, this air purifier is the best rated air purifier so far. And it proves it’s position. Being flexible, you can easily adapt it to your lifestyle and be in control where to use it, how to use it and how long to use it. Yes, I admit, that sometimes coming home from work and being lazy and tired, I hate when I have to ozonate vegetables or water. But that’s only small minus. Don’t be lazy, don’t be unhealthy and start your way to a healthy lifestyle like me, with this air purifier. The benefits of this air purifier are worth for investing money. Indeed.

Well, I have to go, stay safe, and I hope my thoughts in some way helped you!