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Thinking and Breathing Smart

As we all know that air pollution can cause a lot of problems for us, especially in long term. Air pollutants like bacteria and allergens are extremely harmful to humans, especially children. The hardest part is to find the best air purifier for each situation, the one which will get the job done. Very often people make a terrible mistake by choosing the first best-looking air purifier they find, without digging deeper. Alen BreathSmart is excellent premium air purifier for large rooms. Everyone has the right to breathe and be surrounded by quality air.


Are you going to benefit from Alen BreathSmart? Is it worth the money and time? Read my Alen BreathSmart review to find out its main features, advantages, and whether it can meet up your standards.

Technology used:

Alen BreathSmart uses the HEPA-Pure filter which includes a powerful combination of several layer filter technology. All these layers work together to provide you with the cleanest air possible.

First of all the air goes in and passes through a washable pre-filter which captures largest particles. Washable pre-filter are very handy so that you can save money. Imagine if you had to buy new pre-filter each time, instead of just washing it.

Afterward, the air passes through HEPA type material which is electrostatically charged and removes approximately 99% of airborne particles like dust, pet dander, pollen, mold and other particles. The process has still a step left. In the last step, the air is ionized (no ozone is produced in the process), so all the harmful particles are removed, and only fresh air gets out the purifier.

Smart Sensor Technology:

alen-breathsmart-detectorThe Alen BreathSmart air purifier uses SmartSensor technology, which detects airborne particles and allergens. What does this technology do is adjust the air flow automatically depending on how polluted the air is, staying eco-friendly at the same time. SmartSensor technology prolongs filter life and saves power. Alena BreathSmart is a powerful and smart, energy-saving air purifier which is also silent. One of the thing that people don`t like the most about air purifiers is loud operation. That won`t be an issue in this case, due to BreathSmart ultra-silent mode.

Quite Air Dispersion:

How does this technology benefit you?
The WhisperMax technology uses a specially designed fan and air chamber, and when they are combined the air dispersion is done much more efficiently. With WhisperMax technology, the air will be dispersed throughout the whole room silently. Another amazing this for such a small air purifying unit is that with WhisperMax technology it can easily provide clean air for rooms of up to 1000 square feet.

Sleek Design:

alen-breathsmart-reviewDid I mention how much I love the sleek design combined with light indicators? Alen BreathSmart is one of the best-looking air purifiers on the market. It has a very simple display and intuitive touch buttons. Simplicity is something we all love. This air purifier has four different indicators, a Life Timer, and three other indicators which detect how polluted the air is. Red indicates that air has possibly dangerous particles, orange means that there is moderate pollution in the air and blue means that the air is clean for pollution.

Allergy Relief and Lifetime Warranty

This air purifier has got one of the best reviews when it comes to the reduction of the allergies in the residents who have purchased this device. If the device is not working properly, you can get a new one from the company within next 60 days from the purchase. Which is a great option in case you got a lemon, or you will receive a full refund in case you just don`t like it.

Well, there is not other company I know which care about customers so much. And Alen is the only air purifier manufacturer which provides a lifetime warranty for their products. You can forget about worrying when it will break (cause most of the consumer electronics lasts for four years). Your air purifier will be fixed in case it breaks down or replaced no matter whether you bought it two years or 20 years ago.

About HEPA-Pure Filters

alen-breathsmart-openedNo machine in the world is perfect and also this machine has few demerits which you must be aware of before purchasing. The HEPA filters need to be changed twice a year which could be a bit expensive with a total cost of $120 per year (which is less than other premium air purifiers). In addition to this if you don’t use this machine in the ultra-silent mode, it could make a lot of noise in case the air is heavily polluted; otherwise, it will be quiet.

Alen BreathSmart Review Conclusion:

The Alen BreathSmart is an excellent choice, the biggest problem with it is its price, but still, it stands on the same rack with purifiers who cost twice as much. Alen BreathSmart has a nice design, power to clean a room of up to 1000 square feets and lifetime warranty, what else do you need? Yes, I like this one, but these are just my thoughts. The choice is yours, in case you want to check actual price I included Amazon link. By the way, it is available in 12 different colors/designs. Check Available Colors.

With its sleek design and lifetime warranty, the Alen BreathSmart is one of the best choices you can have in today’s market of air purifiers.


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