When I started to search for top 10 air purifiers for home, there was one brand which was dominating. And the name of this brand was Fellowes. I am a type of person who believes – to get the best, and you got to invest. As one of the most popular and efficient and effective air purifiers, I found Fellowes AeraMax 200 air purifier. After the first four months of using it, I could already say – they are God damn right! And I will tell you why…



AeraMax 200 air purifier automatically detects and purifies the air. If you have asthma like me or other allergies, this product is made just for you. As it says on the product description

(which I am holding in my hand right now) – Fellowes products are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Sounds scientific and important, right? Well it is, that’s why AeraMax 200 air purifier works good, more than good and does its job for all 100%.

This certification is awarded to products that have scientifically (I like this word. It makes me calm and more confident about this product) demonstrated.

And as I am reading more, more names and certifications and awards come out. I could list them all and talk more about them, but you, just like me, I guess it will tell nothing, only make more confident and sure why this air purifier must be in your home.fellowes-aeramax-200-certified



The Fellowes AeraMax uses a four-stage purification system to remove airborne particles.
As I am not professional, with simple words I will explain how this magical device is working.

1 – The carbon filter removes odors and captures large airborne particles.

2 – dust-and-pollenAs other air purifiers with the True HEPA filter, it removes 100% (well, it says 99,97%, but it is so close to 100%, that I consider and take it in this way) of airborne particles. Things like ragweed, pollen and other allergens, germs, viruses dust miles…and the list goes on and one – are neutralized and gone.



3 – aerasafeI don’t know how to explain you guys this in a simpler way, but it also got The Aera Safe antimicrobial treatment feature, which provides protection from the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and the fungi, which could start to “live” on the filter. How I would describe this – to get clean air, the filter as well must be clean.


4 – Its Plasma TRUE technology creates an ionized field to help safely remove airborne pollutants.




Before I bought this amazing thing, I didn’t know that they even come with a touchscreen display. With it, you can manage fan speed. Together you can choose from four level fan speeds. It also got indicators for the True HEPA filter and carbon filters, so you can know when to change them. The only thing (AND ONLY) what I don’t like this product – is the blue light which comes out from the screen. Throughout the daytime, it doesn’t bother me. But during the night, when I place my Fellowes in my bedroom for better sleep, the light blue.

Light is a little bit too bright. Sometimes I cover it, but indeed this is the only thing what I don’t like in this product. Producers could think about this small, but still, a disadvantage for this product.


After a long day, I finish my dinner, brush my teeth and jump into my bed. I can’t sleep when there is noise around me. I like and give respect to this device because it is super-mega-giga-ultra quiet.


allergyFellowes AeraMax 200 got special high-performance mode for cold and flu seasons. I am indeed sensitive to weather conditions and so on. Being ill or having a cold is nothing new for me. But since I’ve been using Fellowes, I haven’t been sick or ill. And again – thanks to this amazing device.





For any of you who haven’t even seen this air purifier, I want you to show what this thing got. Long story short – what’s inside in this teddy bear.fellowes-aeramax-200-functions


review-fellowes-aeramax-200Indeed this device is worth investment. If you are looking for high-quality air purifier and you have health problems, I suggest you not to save money and buy Fellowes AeraMax 200 air purifier. Not only the job what it does is fantastic, but also its design. I almost forgot to mention – there are two colors, black and white, available. I like the shape of this purifier, the features what are built inside this device and its silence. Already four of my friends bought the same air purifier and still they are saying me thanks, that I suggested and told them about this thing. Better, healthier home environment and better sleep are one Fellowes AeraMax 200 away…