Silence, like nobody, would be there, – Overall The Best Air Purifier

Ask yourself – do I have dirty air in my home?

  • Do I have lingering odors around my home?
  • Do I or my family members get allergy issues?
  • ..too many questions, but there is only one answer – GermGuardian

Of course, you could read for many hours random articles about “experiences” from different users, but let me tell you something – I am a simple guy who likes to keep things simple. I usually don’t share my experience with products or other bought goods, but this little magic thing forced me to write about it. Give me 3 minutes to explain why this magical thing will avoid you a lot of problems, if you asked yourself above mentioned questions. So, let’s start!


If the producers would want to give a motto to this device, I am more than sure that it would be “Dirty air in – clean air out.” Basically, GermGuardian is a brave soldier who fights alone and protects your home against problems caused by:

  • allergens
  • pollutants
  • germs
  • bacteriasparticle-sizes

These words sounds confusing and ugly, right?

With simpler words – all these are bacterias which are hiding in your home and grows if your window haven’t been opened for a longer time, and your house lacks fresh air. On the package, it says “3 in 1 system“, but what it means

1. Pre-filter; In the first stage, it uses activated carbon to find and trap particles around your house, such as dust, lint, and hair
2. HEPA filter; In the second stage, these found particles in your house is filtered through HEPA filter. Wait, wait, wait! What the hell is HEPA filter, right? I asked myself the same question and actually – it’s not that hard to answer this question. Word “HEPA” stands for “High. Efficiency. Particulate. Arrestance”. These type of filters have to meet high standards to call themselves “HEPA filters.” These type of filters have to be able to collect almost 100% of airborne. To visualize what does it mean – stuff like pet dander, dust miles, mold spores and pollen are neutralized by our brave soldier – GermGuardian
3. UVC technology; In the third stage, air is filtrated using ultraviolet light. This UVC light kills not only airborne germs and bacteria but also reduces common household odor from pets, cooking, and smoking. To not going into more details and make this more confusing and challenging – after this third stage, when the air is filtrated using ultraviolet light – it means funeral for all dust and bacterias in your house. And that’s a good thing, right?!

To sum up this “3 in 1 system” meaning – after being twice filtered, the air passes through UVC light which kills;
– airborne germs
– bacteria
– mold spores
– viruses

And if you have children or someone in the house who is sensitive or allergic – you have to worry about nothing. GermGuardian is safe, and it uses no chemicals, and it is self-contained. In fact, the same ultraviolet technology uses hospitals and nursing homes for sanitizing and being sure that around the building or in the operation room, there are no dust, bacterias or viruses.

I didn’t know this fact and when I found this out – it made me sure that I will order this device. But enough about how it works, I know that design, features, and parameters are also important for us – customers. So a little bit about that.

germguardian-ac4825-air-purifier-reviewsProduct parameters and features

– It is 22 inches tall, which is perfect for small and medium size rooms. But if you are looking for a bigger one – there is also 28 inch model for larger areas;
– There is a power control on the top which controls the speed of cleaning (how big square feet will be filtered each hour)

– You will ask – “But how do I know when I have to change the filter? When it is full?” Also to this question I got a simple answer for you. With and indicator light, you will always know when you need to change out the filters, for efficient and optimal
GermGuardian work.

You hear nothing, but you know – it is there,

The GermGuardian is equipped with low, medium and high fan speed levels. On the lowest speed, it’s almost impossible (I have no idea how good hearing should a human being have then if you could) to hear it, no matter how far the GermGuardian is from you. The only way you can be sure that it’s not broken and works, is the large blue LED. I let my air purifier work on the medium level and still – almost no sound. And for the highest speed level – I cannot say because I even haven’t tried it yet. It wasn’t necessary. It’s more than enough with the medium level, and I think that for the most of the people, the highest speed power will hardly ever be needed.


germguardian-ac4825-frontI was looking for an air purifier for almost a month. One of the biggest issues was – I got black furniture and dark walls in my home. Most of the air purifiers were white, gray or in a different strange color. I didn’t like them at all. I am a huge coffee lover and music listener.

For me, when I first saw GermGuardian, I though and it looked to me like it was a coffee machine or some new speaker. It looked so smooth and attractive with its sleek lines, blue LED light and black casing that I knew – this should be the real one. The chosen one.


As the GermGuardian is fighting in your home against all harmful bacterias, dust, and germs, you have to take care also about the device. He does his job – you have to do your job. For the GermGuardian they made cleaning very straightforward and easy – all you need to do is wipe it down with a dry, soft cloth to prevent dust from collecting on the vents. You also should vacuum the filters once every two weeks. The filters should be replaced every eight months, but this depends on how ofter you use the purifier.


What can I say – it’s quiet, easy to use, easy to maintain and most important – affordable. You may think that I am talking nonsense – let it be. But this device, because I had some issues with my health, has made my life easier. I really can’t think about any other device in the same price range, who would be better than this one. I explained my thoughts and experience with this device with simple words. If this wasn’t enough or you still are confused – go and check other user reviews and comments. 
 P.S. When you find better air purifier than the GermGuardian – let me know.
…but you will not. Believe me.