Its specific purpose

I have problems with asthma. Specifically, after longer research, doctors found out that pets cause it. All my life I couldn’t have a pet. When I was younger, I didn’t care about that, but getting older, you need somebody in your home (if you don’t have a girlfriend or already a family) who is waiting for you to come home. I was searching for a solution, for a way how I could have a pet, but at the same time not worrying about my asthma and other allergies.


Great investment if you have pets

best-air-purifier-for-petsI will break it down in a few paragraphs why I bought this air purifier and why I would recommend it to other people, who the same as I am, are having problems with allergies and asthma.

First of all, this device is compact in size that it can fit virtually anywhere. Time to time I place it in different spots around the house. On the sills around the house, on my kitchen table and so on. Basically – anywhere. And another thing what I like – you can place it also on its side or upright.

To make you visualize how small and compact, this thing is – one of my friends, after I recommended it to him, now is taking it with him even when he is traveling. Time to time I am laughing and saying that one-day security at the airport will not let him through, ha. Anyway, let’s continue…

The next thing, it has three fan speeds;

  • “Whisper clean” is a low setting, and I am using it while I am sleeping;
  • “Medium” is ideal for all day use;
  • “Quick clean” is the high speed if you want to speed up the purifying process. But I never have used this speed, and I believe that you should have five dogs and three cats in your house, to have a reason to use this quick clean speed, ha.

What’s inside the teddy bear?

hamilton-trueair-reviewIt first has a pre-filter. It is the first line of defense. If we dig deeper, the next thing is, that it has two carbon filters, and they help to get rid of pet odors and other smells within your home. I can say that I use this device quite often and these two carbon filters last up to about three months. If we started, there is no way back! If we dig deeper, we will come to the best part of this product, which is the permanent HEPA-type filter. Things like dust, pollen, and animal hair are neutralized and in other words – eliminated by this good air purifier Hamilton TrueAir Air Purifier. And adding to this HEPA filter – I am indeed thankful and happy that this filter never needs replacing and buying a new one. I vacuum it regularly, and it is enough. No money spendings on new filters and complicated replacements.

The End of Hamilton TrueAir Air Purifier review

I believe that this is one of the best HEPA air purifiers for allergies. It offers a lot of options and features. I wish you luck by trying to find any other product similar to this, at that price point. Believe me – you won’t.

So, if you have pets, and you want to get rid of pet hair in your home and live a normal life, without worrying about allergies and your asthma, I highly recommend you to try this product and see how well it can work for your home. Ciao!