Practical and compact air purifier

Think smart, buy smart

I know how it can be confusing, reading different reviews and reports about products. One person likes the product, and another one will say “Do not buy this crap.” If we talk about air purifiers, of course, there is no single “Best Air Purifier for Smoke” or “best air purifier for allergies.” Each product has its advantages and disadvantages. Aspects where it’s good and where it’s not that good.


The problem for me was, when I started to search for an air purifier, salespersons explained me and talked about 3 and 4 stage filtering, ionizers, UV filtering and so on. These technical terminologies made me more confused and stressed.

I knew that if more options device got, the more it will cost. I didn’t need all that extra protections, many types of filters with UV and God knows how much more there are. A friend of mine suggested me simple, cheap and reliable air purifier – Honeywell QuietCare 17000.

About the  Honeywell QuietCare 17000

If the allergists recommend this air purifier as a number on the market, then there should be some reasons why. As well as the top air purifiers, Honeywell removes up to 99,97% of household particles. After using it for three months, I started to notice that breathing has become easier and fresher. Especially for this model, the producers have designed carbon pre-filter, which assists in removing household odors while helping to extend the life of the HEPA filter.

Sleeping like a baby

Since I was a child, I was struggling with my sleep. Noises made by our dog or cars passing by our house – I could hear everything. While I was holding in my hands Honeywell, I asked the salesman “How loud this thing is?”. I guess it was a destiny (ha!), or I was just lucky, but I found out that this air purifier utilizes QuietCare sound reducing technology for ultra quiet operation. And with “ultra quiet” being said, I can approve that I can barely hear it working.

Sometimes, when my friends come over my place, they are laughing by saying “Man, again your super cool air purifier is not working!”

Other  Honeywell QuietCare 17000  features

This device also got the Intelli-Check filter monitor, which means – if you are worried that you will forget to change the filters or you will not know when to do it, it will remind it to you. Each filter has a button. Pressing the button activates a light, which blinks or shines. One blink means “don’t worry buddy, I am not going away for a while.” Two blinks mean “I am still fine, but soon you will have to take care of me.”

I got about 180 square feet large room and Honeywell filters this room perfectly. It continuously circulates a room’s air about six times per hour. As it says on the package (and having problems with asthma, I can approve this also by my so far experience), this air purifier is useful and recommended for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Its HEPA filter lasts one to three years. It’s pre-filter – about three months. And this is the only minus what see on this device. Having a few friends with different air purifiers, they change these filters after one, maybe two

years. But I guess it’s also better for yourself – having new and fresh filter makes me calm and more sure, that the air what I am breathing in my house, is nice, fresh and clean.

Best thing I have bought

Throughout this article, time to time I mentioned my experiences with this device. In the end, I wanted to share a little bit more my experiences with you…

Before I started to write this review, I changed the wrapped filter from this device. All this stuff, what you see around the car looking filter, was going into my lungs from my bedroom.


As I told before, after first weeks of using, I noticed that the room was easier to breath in. And only by these taken photos you can see, how dirty and dusty is environment in our houses. Each time when Ichange the filters, I became more sure confident about my decision, to purchase Honeywell QuietCare 17000.