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The Enerzen O3 Air Purifier Review 2017

The Enerzen O3 Air Purifier Review 2017

A Fresh, Clean Air Paradise Just For Your Lungs:

I know from my experience that we usually don`t think about the air quality in our homes. Why should we think about it, it`s okay as long as we keep breathing, right?

You may be very surprised to know how polluted the air is nowadays. Many dangerous airborne particles are surrounding us, and that can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and even lung related illnesses.


Give your lungs some rest and don`t let them do all the hard work alone. I am a true believer of the idea that if you want to be energized and healthy, you shouldn’t let any chances to damage health. If you’re really worried about this problem (polluted air), then it is the perfect time to buy an air purifier that will eliminate all the pollution and give your lungs some much-needed rest! Recently, I stumbled upon an industrial air purifier called Enerzen 03, and one of the reasons it is mentioned on my website is because of the word ‘Industrial’! Let’s take a closer look at it.

Filterless Technology:

During my extensive research, I came to know and observed that almost all of the newest air purifiers operate on a filter based technology. However, Enerzen 03 is completely different as it uses the 03 technology which is also known as activated oxygen.

So how does it operates?

Brace yourselves because here comes the technical part. 

Through a process known as oxidation, the ozone generator crushes the dangerous particles. It will specifically break down molecular structure and molecules such as bacteria and viruses. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for germs, 3.5mg/hr of ozone is sufficient to kill those germs and create much fresher air by deodorizing the entire room. The ozone nullifies the pollutants in the air, and you get the desired result – healthier and cleaner air.

You guys know very well that I’m honest and straightforward, and I will tell you that there have been few complaints about the odor produced by Enerzen after room purification. This smell is quite similar to the odor after a rainstorm. It’s the smell of ozone which is generated in both cases. To be honest, I like that smell, which also can be dangerous to me. Personally, I use air purifiers with HEPA filters, cause people with asthma can`t use Ozone generators, and they will do more harm than good. But Hey! If you`re not suffering from asthma, and you can bear the natural ozone generator, then you can bear this one too.

Filterless Cleaning:

Filters even though powerful do have their drawbacks. However, Enerzen decided not to have this drawback at all and give their customers a unique advantage to enjoy. Unlike another air purifiers, you don’t need to clean regularly or buy and replace the air filter which can be a complex and expensive issue to deal with. Instead, this unit needs you to replace the ceramic plate only after you have used it for 5000 hours which computes to 208 days if you use it 24/7. All this leads to saving a bunch of money, and no messiness as the filter doesn’t need to be replaced regularly.

Powerful Deodorizer:

This air purifier will not only mask the odors from your house or office, but it will ultimately destroy them! One thing that most users are lauding is that only the Enerzen Air Purifier is capable of removing dreadful odors from the room. It doesn’t matter if it is cigarette smoke or paint fumes. Enerzen certainly stands for the deodorizer part of the name, and not all air purifiers can do this job.


Another great benefit of this deodorizer is that it consumes fairly less energy which ensures that your energy bills won`t grow dramatically and it helps the environment at the same time. As this one is industrial grade air purifier made out of steel, no doubt it will last longer, cause it’s meant for heavy usage.

The Timer:

This purifier comes with a handy timer that lets you control on how long you want the air to be purified and gives you control over time you want your air to be purified. This feature is in particularly useful because you can control the purifier as you desire.

Mold Removal:

Almost every house has problems with mold, and there is no doubt that it’s hard to control it. However, with the Enerzen Air Purifier, you can control the growth of fungus and mold. This is crucial as the daily intake of mold spores and mildew could prove to be harmful to your health.

Portable Design:

The good thing about a good air purifier is its ability to be easily moved and carried around, and Enerzen Air Purifier promises especially that. It has been carefully and ergonomically designed so that it easily fits in your car or work space. You may also check out one of the best looking air purifier.


Even though this purifier may not be the best looking out there, it certainly has some good customers ratings. If good looks don’t matter to you, then it could easily become your first choice air purifier. To find out more about it, and compare prices have a visit to my favorite online retailer Amazon. Usually, there are significant discounts for this product, up to 70%.


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