Whirlpool Whispure 510: A True HEPA Air Purifier For A Better Life

You already know how hard it is to live a healthier life. You have to watch what you eat, but fast food is cheap and accessible. You have to exercise, but you’re too busy with work and your social life. You have to drink lots of water, but coffee keeps you going.


These days, you have to consider what to breathe in, too. There are a lot of dust, allergens, and pollutants in the air, all of which are dangerous to your body. They affect you just as much as junk food and sodas do, but thankfully, they aren’t as hard to avoid. Read this Whirlpool Whispure 510 review to see what I mean and see how it measures up at pickmyairpurifer.com .

Tons of Benefits

Let this Whirlpool Whispure 510 review assure you of this air purifier’s worth. The following are the benefits you will enjoy with this appliance:

People suffering from allergies will find it easier to move around their own homes if they have an air purifier around. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters remove 99.9% of dust particles and other allergens above 0.3 microns in size. This means you won’t even need to wear a face mask while you clean inside your home, your air purifier will take care of the dust for you.

Any asthma sufferer will have peace of mind knowing that his or her home is free from dust and other irritants that might trigger an attack. Imagine being free to run around your home without worrying about each intake of air.

Any home that is near a place that emits a bad smell, like factories and warehouses, will benefit greatly from an air purifier. The air purifier sucks in impurities that produce unwanted smells so you can enjoy a fresh, and clean air at your home.

If you can’t get yourself a pet because its hair can get everywhere during shedding season, rest assured that an air purifier would cleanse the air of irritants so you won’t get an allergic reaction.

If you have special items that must not come into contact with dust and air particles, then Whirlpool Whispure 510 is for you. You do not have to buy or create a sealed-off area for your paintings, photographs, comic books, or record collection anymore.

State-of-the-art Features

The numbers do not lie. The main features of Whirlpool Whispure 510 are:

Three-stage filtration system. For added filtering capacity, the air purifier is equipped with a pre-filter that catches large particles, a carbon filter that eliminates odors and protects the HEPA filter, and the True HEPA filter itself, which removes 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Low operating noise. You can be sure it’s working well even when you don’t notice it at all. Even at high settings, the Whirlpool Whispure 510 emits only 40 decibels of white noise, about as much as a mosquito buzz.

Comprehensive filtering. The air purifier can filter out the following: dust and dust mites, pet shedding, pollen and mold spores, ragweed, and other microscopic pollutants.

Fan Control. This isn’t only an on-or-off appliance. You can control the fan speed: Low for the times when there aren’t many irritants in the air and High for the times when you’re dusting or cleaning up your room.

One unit for 500 square feet. Whirlpool Whispure 510 can purify the air of large, airy rooms with its CADR rating of 335. That’s 315 cubic feet of filtered air flowing every minute.

Final Words

Such are the benefits of having a Whirlpool Whispure 510. You know you’ll be getting an air purifier from a trusted company with years of experience in the industry, and you can’t deny the advantages such an air purifier can give. Who knew you could have a better environment and improve your health with the help of a single appliance?

Everything mentioned here is tried and tested by engineers and users, but you don’t have to take their words for it; get a Whirlpool Whispure 510. Review the appliance yourself and see the results replicated in your own home. Read customer reviews on Amazon, there are more than 1000 of them, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.