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Affordable Air Purifier With Plenty of Features –¬†Winix PlasmaWave 5300

Air Purifiers are becoming an essential need of every home because of the polluted environment around the world nowadays. There are various reasons for using air purifiers including the allergies or asthma or to prevent the danger of passive smoking. The people living near the industrial areas are being affected by the smoke and other air pollutants being produced by the industries.


If one of these issues are affecting you, luckily there is a solution. For you and your family with a highly affordable price tag. Winix Plasma Wave 5300 air purifier is the ultimate solution if you want to keep your home environment safe from all kinds of air pollutants and breathe in a healthy environment. The ease of use is the key feature of this product. Other important features of this product are described below. For information on go to our Air Purifier Buyers Guide 2018

Three Levels of Air Cleaning:

The three level effective air cleaning system is a stand out feature of Winix Plasma Wave 5300 model, and that has made this product one of the most efficient home air purifiers in the market. The air has to go through three different processes before being entered into the room to make it clean.

  1. First of all the carbon pre-filters come into the play, and they take out all the dust particles, odors and also pet hairs from the air which can cause allergy or skin problems to the human beings.
  2. In the next stage, the air passes through True HEPA filters which are capable of capturing almost 99.97% of very tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns. These tiny air pollutants include pollen, smoke and pet dander which can be extremely harmful to the people, especially children.
  3. Air Purifier Buyers Guide 2018The third and final stage of air purification is done by Plasma Wave Technology which is a stand out feature of the company as it uses a natural process of producing both negative and positive ions which result in the creation of plasma clusters. These plasma clusters have the ability to eradicate different viruses, bacteria, and harmful odors without even creating ozone. There are some other air purifiers which use ionizing technology to purify the air but also result in producing ozone as a byproduct which is also harmful.

Attractive, Lightweight and Easy to Use:

It is extremely attractive when it comes to the design of the product. The weight of Winix Plasma Wave 5300 air purifier is as less as 15 lbs. And it can be fixed even in your bedroom.

Using the product is extremely simple as there is an electronic button to turn it on or off, and also there are some additional indicator lights which help the user to know the need for changing the different filters after a period of time.

Modes of Uses:

There are two different modes in which the air purifier can be utilized. There is a difference in the performance in both of the modes as some features are turned on and off according to the mode selected by the user.

Auto Mode is the mode in which the machine works on its energy saving level until it detects the increase in a level of air pollution and automatically increasing the speeds of the fans along with other features which result in the enhanced performance of the air purification system.

The other mode in which the machine can work is Sleep Mode. In this mode, the special light sensors in the machine detects the dark environment and adjust itself to a quieter and slower mode. This feature is best for the night as you would be able to sleep peacefully, breathing purified air without having any disturbance regarding the sound of the air purifier.

Efficient Energy Usage:

As there are different levels of speeds on which the machine can work. But the machine is built to take care of the energy usage at the minimum on every level. At speed one, only 14 watts is used to run the machine. On speed level 2 the energy required to run the machine is 34 watts. On level 3 the energy level required becomes 70 watts. While on turbo which is the maximum power usage level only used to achieve quick cleaning, the energy required is 128 watts.

Economical Maintenance:

The maintenance of the Winix Plasma Wave 5300 is extremely economical. The HEPA filters have to be changed once in a year mostly, but you should also keep in mind the indicator light because it depends upon the amount of air pollution in your area. The carbon pre-filters have to be changed after every three months of continuous usage to get the premium quality of air purification.

Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Review Conclusion:

Winix Plasma Wave 5300 is an extremely efficient air purifier available at a very low cost. With respect to the power usage, it settles in between the mid-powered air purifiers. But the performance level of the machine is quite high.

In this kind of price the air purification it provides can be compared with any other air purifying product in the same price range and Winix Plasma Wave 5300 will surely stand out. It is sufficient for any room of the size of 350 sq. Feet and it provides whistles and bells to indicate the need for changing the filters.

The non-harmful plasma wave technology used in this machine provides a healthy environment to the customers without even creating ozone which other air purifiers produce as a byproduct due to their ionizing technology. With three layers of air purification, this product is able to give you healthy and fresh air to breathe with a year of warranty and three carbon pre-filter packs for all year.

The warranty can be recognized as the trust of the company in its product that it will last a whole year without any problem in worst possible conditions of air pollution. This air purifier is highly recommended due to its affordable price and efficient performance.