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Biota Bot MM108: Best Desktop Air Purifier

When we think of living better, we think about eating healthier, getting exercise, or spending more time outside. All of which are great parts of a healthy lifestyle! But while we understand that eating and sleeping properly are important parts of our healthy life, we tend to think less about the air we breathe. Modern homes are designed to keep air outside, which is good for managing the temperature and keeping energy costs low, but which can also seal in pollutant and irritants. Dust, hair, pet dander, germs – all of these things can be found in our air and can cause respiratory problems, especially for those (like myself) with asthma or allergies.

Of course, there’s an easy way to improve the quality of your air – use an air purifier. There’s lots of consumer-grade air purifiers that can filter particles out of the air. Today we’ll be looking at a portable model – the Biota Bot Desktop MM108 and why its the Best Air Purifier for a Small Room. As the name implies, this is a smaller, cheaper air purifier that works best in spaces of about 160 feet. It obviously can’t compete with larger high-end models like the MM208 in terms of pure filtration, but how well does it perform on its own merits? That’s the question this review will look at and answer.

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The Purification Process Best Tabletop Air Purifer

In addition to just talking about performance, we like to explain how an air purifier works. These are still a fairly niche product and many of our readers may not know exactly how they work.

Most air purifiers that we talk about on this site have two filters and a fan that blows air through those filters to remove particles from said air. The first is known as a pre-filter or an elementary filter. This consists of a very fine mesh that is used like a net to catch larger particles – dust, hair, and pet dander. Pet dander is particularly important, since it’s one of the most common allergens, but all of these particles can act as irritants.

The second filter is the High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance, or HEPA filter. These filters are regulated by the government – the US requires that a HEPA filter has to remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers or larger. (The EU has less strict regulations, but the Biota Bot Desktop is an American-made product, so those are the relevant standards here.) HEPA filters were originally developed for industrial purposes – they kept the dust out of places were manufacturers were creation small integrated circuits like microprocessors; sensitive equipment that can be ruined by even the tiniest dust particle. These filters are made of multiple sheets of very small fiber materials (often fiberglass), creating a very dense “net” that catches most micro particles in the air, allowing only clean air to pass through the filter. HEPA filters are important for removing airborne allergens, pollen, mold spores, and fibers.

Most air purifiers only have these two types of filters, which catch most particles. However, HEPA filters usually have difficulty catching gaseous irritants – things that are as light as air. These can include the harmful elements of secondhand smoke or nasty odors, which are never pleasant for anyone. That’s why the Biota Bot Desktop Air Purifier actually has two more filters: an activated carbon fiber filter and a nano-mineral crystal filter. These add two more layers of absorption and remove formaldehyde, smoke, and other household odors from the air.

Finally, the Biota Bot Desktop has a negative ion generator. This creates 10 million negatively-charged ions per second to neutralize the positively charged particles that make up dust and bacteria, catching any particles that managed to make it through all four filters. For More valuable information on other air purifiers we recommend Click Here

With all of this power in a very small package, the Biota Bot Desktop does a great job of clearing a small space. It almost completely neutralized all odors and did a great job of taking allergens and dust out of the air. Because of its size and the fact that it only has one elementary filter, it struggles a bit more with larger particles like pet dander, but it still does a fine job if you use it as recommended (i.e., to clear a desktop or smaller office space.) If large particles are a bigger concern in your life, or if you want to purify a full room or house, you need something much more powerful than this. But it’s perfect for what it’s made for.

Usage And Price

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The Biota Bot Desktop Air Purifier is extremely easy to use. It’s controlled with 6 buttons on the top of the controller and features autonomous fan speed regulation that will adjust the fan speed based on the amount of particles currently in the room. It can be set to run continuously or for time increments of 2, 4, or 8 hours. Finally, the ionic function can be turned on or off. No one should have any trouble using this device.

As for the price, you really can’t beat it – $130 for the base purifier and $25 for filter refills. The filters need to be replaced every 6-12 months or after 2800 hours of active use, which is pretty standard.

Final Words

For a budget air purifier, this is probably the best value you’ll find for the money. With four filters and the negative ion generator, it does an excellent job of cleaning the air in a small space. It’s particularly good at removing odors and micro particles. This makes it perfect for an office space if you work with a smoker or someone who uses a lot of perfume or something (I used to work with a guy who seemed to practically bathe in Axe body spray.) Obviously if you want to purify the air in a whole room or a house or if you have problems with VOCs you will need a larger high-end air purifier, but that’s not the purpose of this particular device.

Best Air Purifer

The Biota Bot Desktop Air Purifier is also great if you’re looking for an air purifier and don’t want to break the bank for something that’s more than $200. This is a product that has clearly been made with actual care and effort, with more filters than even some more powerful purifiers have and the negative ion generator for extra irritant removal. It stands head and shoulders above other budget air purifiers, and would definitely make a great purchase for your home or office!

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