When you have found the best air purifier that meets all requirements you need, you are ready to buy?

Not really, there are few more tips you still must know. Nevertheless, your potential air purifier has all the filtering capabilities and match performance criteria, including the right ACH and CADR numbers. There is a catch, though. All these figures and performance levels are calculated in ideal lab conditions, and as you know, it`s far from real life situation. In this article, I will talk about air purifier location and how to do it properly.indoor-air-pollutants

Air purifier effectiveness very depends on the place where you put it, and you can`t put it just anywhere in the room. When you put your new air purifier to work, the ACH and CADR ( I explained those in best air purifier buying guide) numbers are going to drop. One reason for that is people, pets, and obstacles in the room. The more people will be in the room the more air pollution is created. Notice that all performance numbers are measured in ideal conditions, in places where is no obstacles. So the big question is how to locate air purifier in your house for best results.

Furniture and other household appliances will disrupt the air flow and make air purifier less useful. Air flow will also be interrupted each time you open the door to next room. And the house itself is not hermetically sealed, neither to other rooms and outside. I tried to put together some useful information on how to correctly locate and size your air cleaner.

What is The Best Air Purifier Location in The Room?

If you want your air purifier to work efficiently, you must know where to place it. The best place theoretically would be right in the middle of your room. But the principle of diffusion must be taken into the consideration too.

Diffusion principle means that flying particles will begin to move throughout your room while keeping equal distances from each other. The vacuum created by air purifier fans will eventually pull the particles as they are flying around. Which also means that putting an air purifier at one end of the room will make air filtering much more efficient. And purifier will be able to also clean air on the other side of the room.

This idea and air streams are featured in the picture below. Air purifier location is at the end of the room, and there are no obstacles near it. One real life example like this could be if you have TV on the wall and air purifier under it. But of course, the TV can`t be very close. Otherwise, it will block the upward air stream.



The Noise Factor

One of the biggest problem when using an air purifier in a bedroom is noise. Inside your bedroom, you must use the most silent air purifier available. Otherwise, it will disturb your sleep. One mistake people make very often is, that they buy a purifier with a smaller capacity. Because they think that the room isn`t that big and air cleaner will do the job. It does not take long before people discover that air purifier runs at maximum capacity, and it`s too much for it. If you had an air purifier meant for 500 to 900 square feet rooms, it would do the job excellent in 400 square feet room.




The Great benefit of a larger air purifier is that it can offer the same level of clean air while producing much less noise at the same time. Bigger air purifiers are less noisy because of larger filters inside.
This means you can keep it set to low or medium speeds which not only helps the noise factor but saves on energy and expands air purifier life-time.

Level of Pollution and Room Size

No doubt, that the most important factor to consider when purchasing an air purifier is the room size. You must know the size of the room where air purifier will be used. The unit must have enough power/ capacity to filter whole air in the room several times in one hour. I recommend going for an air purifier meant for a bigger room than yours is. The pollution in the room will be the highest when you use an air purifier for the first time. Your primary goal is to clean the pollution by 80%, and clean air purifier if necessary. After cleaning the air for the first time, you can run the air purifier at medium power, just to keep the air clean.

Also, you should think about constant pollution sources and how much pollution they are providing. Things like – pets, cooking smells, smoking, dust and many other things. If you want to filter the air effectively, then aim for at least 3 to 9 complete air changes per hour. The heavier the pollution is, the more air changes per hour you will need.

room-air-purifierThe shape and structure of a room are not less important than other factors. Another important reason, why you should go for more powerful air purifier than you might need. Stuff like pillars, arches, and a bar will noticeably change the projected flow of air. Numbers in specifications do not include those things, and all tests are made in excellent lab conditions, don`t forget about it. Never place your air purifier in a spot where something can block the air flow pattern. Otherwise, it will dramatically lose efficiency.

To Sum Up

Unless you have very limited space, always go for a larger air cleaner. The larger the air purifier is, the more efficiently and more silently it will work. Everything depends on how much space do you have and on obstacles in the room. Sometimes several small air purifiers can do the job better instead of one big air purifier.

Still some questions are not answered after reading my guide? Then comment below or contact me on a contact us page, I will try to answer your questions. Usually, I check email after few days and never leave unanswered questions. Thanks for reading and be social, share it!