The one and only main purpose for the air purifier industry are to provide us with crispy clean air. To achieve this goal more and more efficiently, the industry has developed many sophisticated technologies. After starting your research for the best air purifier, you will quite fast found out that there is an abundance of products to choose from.

While industry and their products are becoming more and more complex, it also becomes more difficult for consumers not to confuse in that broad range of products. In this article I will explain main air purifier features you will come across, so you know what to look for and to watch out from.

Useful Air Purifier Features

Each brand and product have its accessories and settings to ease your life as much as possible. Some options are more useful than others, starting from certifications to multi-level filtering technologies and light indicators which will tell you when to replace the filter. Below, you will see main features that increase every air purifiers value and reliability.

Filter Change Indicator

One of the most useful features you can have in your filter technology based air purifier is filter change indicator. What this indicator does, is that it warns you when to clean or replace your filters with new ones. There are two big advantages. Firstly, in the long term, you will save a bunch of money, cause you will change the filters only when necessary. Secondly, there will be one thing less to worry about. Once the filter change indicator turns off, you just need to clean or replace the filter, simple as that. Of course, air purifiers with no filter change indicator would still do the job and clean the air, buy you would have to calculate when it’s time to clean or replace the filter. Also, when you have air purifier with this indicator, you can forget about regular air cleaners opening to check the filter indicator inside.

AHAM Certification

aham-certificateIt is very important to look for an air purifier with AHAM Certification if you are looking for a professional air purifier. The AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) evaluates air cleaners based on their ability to remove air pollution effectively. This association developed CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Rating to measure air purifiers efficiently. That is done by three CADR ratings that represent the most well-known air pollutants dust, smoke, and pollen. The higher the number in each category is the better, and the more effective the air purifier will be.

Sensor Technology

Newest air purifiers have a set of sensors that measures what kind and how much pollutants are in the air. This is a very handy feature in an air purifier where you can manually adjust the fan speed. Also, in newer air purifier models the fan speed will be automatically adjusted, depending on how polluted the air in your room is. This real-time automation greatly increases efficiency and saves power at the same time. This awesome innovation is called IntelliSense Technology, offering you completely hands-free experience. Some of the best-looking air purifiers have a bunch of LED indicators representing temperature, dust, odor and humidity conditions in your house. Furthermore, the sensors sensitivity can be easily adjusted to control these conditions.

Energy Star Cleaners

energy-starIf an air purifier has Energy Star label on it, it means that the unit is energy and cost saving. These air purifiers are environmentally friendly, affordable and will consume much less power, lowering your electricity bill.

Remote Control

These are the things you can easily get used to and miss them a lot once you don`t have them anymore. This is not an essential feature, but more like a luxury feature that improves the user experience. You can control the speed and regulate airflow from any room in the house.


It is nice to have caster wheels for portability, especially for bigger whole house air purifier. It is possible to add caster wheels later if needed, but a bigger whole house and office air purifiers usually have them already. Consider this feature if you are buying an air purifier for office or you have a large home with many rooms.

The Fan Speed

Fan speed can be controlled for almost all air purifiers you should look for this feature in your next purchase. If you have control over the fan speed, you can clean dirty air much faster, in case you need to get rid of odors or other pollutants quick. And the best thing about this feature is that you can control the noise and run the air purifier overnight if needed. Lowering the fan speed will make the unit quieter, save power and extend air cleaners lifetime.

Washable Pre-Filters


I have saved the best feature for the end. I recommend to invest a bit more and buy an air purifier with a pre-filter, which will save you much more money in long-term. Air cleaners with pre-filter have a longer lifespan, cause the main filter is protected from being polluted. Less dust and other particles will get inside air purifier itself, and won`t damage electronics. That`s not all, want a dream come true? Then look for washable pre-filter. You clean in and use again, just wash and vacuum it. That will result in even more saved money in long term. Of course, sometimes you will need to replace even the pre-filter, but that depends on how heavy the usage is, and they are much cheaper than HEPA or activated carbon filters.

To Sum Up

It can be a quite overwhelming task to choose the best air purifier with so many things to watch out for. I just hope that you learned something new from those tips and that they will help you in purchase making process. To choose the best air purifier for the money just evaluate your needs, purpose and which features are a necessity for you.