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Author: I Colman

Biota Bot Desktop Air Purifier Review – 2018

Biota Bot MM108: Best Desktop Air Purifier When we think of living better, we think about eating healthier, getting exercise, or spending more time outside. All of which are great parts of a healthy lifestyle! But while we understand that eating and sleeping properly are important parts of our healthy life, we tend to think less about the air we breathe. Modern homes are designed to keep air outside, which is good for managing the temperature and keeping energy costs low, but which can also seal in pollutant and irritants. Dust, hair, pet dander, germs – all of these things can be found in our air and can cause respiratory problems, especially for those (like myself) with asthma or allergies. Of course, there’s an easy way to improve the quality of your air – use an air purifier. There’s lots of consumer-grade air purifiers that can filter particles out of the air. Today we’ll be looking at a portable model – the Biota Bot Desktop MM108 and why its the Best Air Purifier for a Small Room. As the name implies, this is a smaller, cheaper air purifier that works best in spaces of about 160 feet. It obviously can’t compete with larger high-end models like the MM208 in terms of pure filtration, but how well does it perform on its own merits? That’s the question this review will...

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MM208 Air Purifier Review 2018

MM208 Air Purifier: The Most Comprehensive Cleaning System Available As someone who’s suffered from asthma and breathing problems their whole life, I know how useful an air purifier can be. When I was young, broke, and just moving into my first apartment, I got stuck with a roommate who smoked, which often made it difficult for me to breathe properly. And we all have to deal with common air pollutants like allergens, dust, and pet dander. The MM208 is a fairly new air purifier on the market, produced by a company operating out of Lincoln, Nebraska in the good ol’ US of A. While most purifiers come with one or two filters, this model comes with four, along with three other air purification features for a seven-stage process in all. Biota Bot claims that this means that their product will do a much better job of cleaning the air than their competition. And after trying one for myself, I have to agree. See the MM208 on Amazon The Filters I’m going to explain how exactly the purification process works in order to show why the MM208 does it better than anyone else. Most air purifiers of this type use two filters. The first is a pre-filter that consists of a very fine mesh. This works to remove larger particles – hair, dust, and pet dander. Those last two are...

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