Privacy Policy

We have formulated this statement of privacy for my website because we wanted to display our robust and continuous dedication and commitment to maintain the confidentiality of the details provided by the visitors or interactors of my website. Your privacy is considered in the highest regard. The following will outline how we gather and disseminate the information practices for this site.

We know the value of protecting your privacy and our policy has been carefully designed in such a way that will help you in understanding how we collect, use and protect the private details you supply us with and how we use that knowledge to guide you in taking rational decisions whenever you use our site. Keeping in view the changing technologies, business practices and consumer needs this policy is carefully monitored.

What type of Information Do we Collect?

Whenever you are visiting our website, you will be providing us with two kinds of information: your personal and private information that you willingly choose to give and one that is gathered on an individual basis and the second is the website information aggregate collected when your or other visitors browse the website.

The Personal Information You Choose to Provide?

Email Information:
If you have made up your mind to communicate with us through email, then we may save the material of our email messages along with your email address and our response(s). The same protection is given to this electronic communication that we utilize in the maintaining of information we get either by mail or telephone.

Website Use Information
Just like many other commercial websites our website to uses “cookies” (further explanation below) that is a commonly used technology. In addition to that, web server files are used to collect data regarding the usage pattern of our website. Information gathered through cookies and web server files may include the data and time of visits, what pages were viewed, how much time was spend and what website you visited before and after visiting our website.

How is the Information you Provide with us Utilized?
Generally Speaking, the purpose of gathering your personal information is to administer our business activities, provision of goods and services at your request, monitoring the use of service and our efforts in marketing and promotions plus improving the services and content we offer and to modify the site’s content, layout, and services for other lawful purposes. The use of this information enables us to improve further and enhance our site so that it can meet your different requirements.
In addition to that, this information is only shared generally. Your private or business information is not disclosed unless the law or law-enforcing agencies require it.

Sometimes, this information is also collected to tell you about the crucial changes on our website, any new service or special offers that we think you could find worthwhile. If you do not want to receive any of the news about these offers, then you may notify us by email at the link provide in the newsletter.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are very small text documents that mostly include an anonymous unique identifier. Whenever you visit a website, the website’s computer asks your computer to allow it to store this file in a folder on your hard drive especially made for cookies. You can receive cookies from each website if your browser preferences permit it, but ( as part of your privacy protection) your browser only allows the cookies already sent to you so that they could be accessible on the website, this excludes cookies that you receive from other sites. A browser’s default setting is to accept cookies. However, if you choose not to accept cookies, then you may change the setting of your browser if you don’t want them. But, if you refuse to allow cookies, then you may find that some parts of the site may not be functional, and the site viewing experience will be ineffective as a result. It is also worth mentioning here that a cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive nor can it upload any virus(es).

How is the Information Collected from the Cookies used?

Whenever you visit our site for browsing, cookies are used to separate you from other users. Occasionally, cookies are also utilized to prevent you from logging in repeatedly for security purposes. Cookies, coupled with the server’s log files enables us to calculate the total sum of people visiting the website and which areas of the site are visited most often or are popular. This aid in collecting feedback so that we can further improve our website and serve our clients better. Cookies don’t permit us to collect any personal information about you neither do we knowingly store any private information that your browser may supply us with.

DoubleClick DART Cookies:

Sometimes DART cookies may also be used to serve ads through Google’s DoubleClick, which will place cookies on your hard drive when you will visit a website using DoubleClick advertising (including Google AdSense Advertisements). This cookie is employed to serve you ads that are specific to your interests(“interest based targeting”). These ads will be served to keep in mind your previous browsing history. ( For example, if you have been browsing for sites related to visiting Las Vegas, then there is a possibility that a Las Vegas hotel advertisement may pop up if you were browsing an entirely unrelated site, like a site on hockey).DART utilizes “non-personally identifiable information.” It will NOT be tracking your personal information like your name, email address, home address, contact number, social security, bank and credit card numbers. You can choose to disable this ad-serving on all websites by going to

If you want, you can disable or custom turn off our cookies or any third party cookies by going to your browser settings, alternatively, you can manage your preference in programs such as Norton Internet Security. But, do keep in mind that this could affect your interaction with our or other websites. This could also lead to the inability to login to service or programs like forums or accounts.
Deleting cookies do not mean that you are now permanently out of any advertising program. Unless you have opted to disallow cookies, the next time you browse a site that is running ads, a new cookie will be included.

IP Addresses:

Your computer uses your IP address every time you connect to the internet. IP address in a unique number used by network computers to identify your computer. Our web server automatically collects the IP addresses as it is part of demographic and profile data known as traffic data (like your requested web pages) can be sent to you.

Sharing and Selling of Information:

We don’t share, sell, lend or rent out any information that is unique to your identification (like email and personal contacts) with anyone unless it is important to provide services and process transactions requested by you.

Accessing and Correcting Your Information:

We can give you access to your personally identifiable information that is collected online and maintained in our database by simply throwing us a request at our usual email address.

What about Legally Binding Disclosure of Information?

We may be disclosing your information if we are legally compelled as we believe that it is the requirement of the law and also protects our legal rights. This information may also be disseminated if we think that such disclosure could help in identifying or contacting someone who may have violated our Terms of Service or to safeguard or user and the general public.

What About Other Websites That are Linked to Our Website?

We are in no way accountable for the practice that other websites that are linked to or from our website engaged in or for the content they display. Most often, links to other websites are only provided because they serve in emphasizing pointers to information on topics that the users of our site may find helpful.
It is worth remembering here, that when you go from our website to another through a link, our privacy policy is no more in effect. Instead, the privacy policy of that website which you are going to visit is in effect. We strongly recommend that you go over those rules and policies before proceeding further.

Your Consent:

Using ur website means that you are fully aware and agree to our website collecting your private information as stated in this privacy policy. We reserve the right(s) to change this policy anytime and without any prior notice.

Committing to the Security of the Data:

It is worth noting that your information is stored and processed in our computers situated in the United States. Now, the laws of holding personal data in the United States could be less strict than they are in the country where you reside or are a citizen of. To prevent unauthorized and misuse of information and to maintain the accuracy of data we have setup proper physical, electronic and managerial steps to secure and protect the information we collect online.


The visitors of our site have the option of unsubscribing from receiving any further messages. After unsubscribing, we will stop sending those messages as soon as it is technically suitable.

Surveys and Contests:

Periodically information is requested from users of our site through surveys or contests. You have the right to choose to either participate or not participate in these surveys, and that will determine whether or not you will disclose any information. The information that is requested may include contact information ( name and address), information about your demographics (such as zip code and age). The contact information will be utilized to contact you if you win any award or prize. The information that we collect from these surveys is used to monitor and improve the usage and overall satisfaction of this site.

Special Note for Children:

Children are not qualified to use our services without any supervision, and we ask children (under 14) to never submit their personal information to us. If you are underaged, then you can only use this service under the supervision and permission of your parent(s) or guardian.

Acquisition or Change(s) in Ownership:

If the website or more than half of the share of the website is acquired, then your personal information will be considered as assets and could be a part of the property transferred to the new owner.

Changes in Privacy Policy:

We may change the privacy policy periodically. If such changes are made then, the users will be emailed about it if they have permitted us to do so. We may post such changes here so do check from time to time. However, if the privacy policy does get altered in the future, then you should know that the personal information you submitted before will not be used in any manner that is contradicting the new privacy policy, not unless we have your prior consent.