nasty-odorsNot all air purifiers are the same. Some of them are meant to make our environment healthier and to destroy dangerous airborne particles. And there is another type of air cleaners which are specially designed to deal with odors, to neutralize them.

As there are many air purifiers to choose from and each of them has its specifications. Different specifications lead not just to different performance levels, but also to various manners of how each type of air pollution is removed. One air purifier can be excellent for removing odor and quite bad at removing dust, and the opposite. I addressed the issue and wrote this article, so you know right away which type of air purifier you need for each situation.

The Most Common Odors You Want To Remove

There is no one true best air purifier for odor. There are many kinds of nasty smells, and one product can`t be the best for them all. I tried to categorize some of the nasty smells and explained what type of air purifier would be the best for each.

1. The Most Popular – Cigarette Smokes


The cigarette smoke is made out of fine smoke particles, which cause very unpleasant odors. One of the most efficient ways to remove smoke odors is ozone generators. They are well-known with their excellent performance in removing many odors from smoke of cigarette to old and stuffy furniture. But you can`t use ozone generators if you have asthma and allergies.

Air purifiers with activated carbon filters are a great alternative to ozone generators. Activated carbon filter fibers chemically react to smoke particles, attaches to them and remove odors. That`s not all, there is one more powerful alternative, which breaks down the chemicals that create smoke. It is called – photocatalytic filter.

2. VOC, known as Volatile Organic Compounds



Specific chemical compounds produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The most common and well-known VOC producers are smoke, bacteria, formaldehyde and mold. For this type of pollution again the best solution is ozone generators. Both alternatives are the same again, and it`s air cleaners with activated carbon filters and photocatalytic filters.

3. Pet Odors and Household Chemicals

3-pet-odors-and-household-chemicalsIt is well-known fact that household chemicals we use each day are harmful to our health. Not just direct contact with them but also odors, especially in the long term can be poisonous. The fumes and odors these chemicals release are toxic and quite often very dangerous to our health. In this case, the best solution is an air purifier with activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filter fibers will react with fumes, odors and create the bond. These filters extremely well deal with fumes. As I mentioned earlier, another great alternative is oxidation filters.

Although dogs, cats, and other pets can be our best friends, they leave pet dander, hair and even sometimes smells behind them. For most of us, this is not an issue, but there are a lot of people out there who need to deal with it. For pet related smells applies the same options as I just mentioned above. Activated carbon filters will do the job, leaving you with fresh and clean air.


The Most Common Air Pollutants

Infographic - Top 20 Toxic Cities in USA


Now that you are familiar with most common types of odor let`s take a look at other types of pollutants that surrounds us.

1. Pet Dander


Pet dander is one of the most powerful allergens that cause a lot of problems for people who are regularly suffering from allergies. Air purifiers with HEPA filters would be an option. Luckily, there are certified True HEPA filters which are the best for removing all types of allergens, including pet dander.

Why True HEPA filters are one of the best?

Mainly, because they work excellent (highly efficient at removing allergens), and they are safe for people who have asthma and allergies. People who suffer from asthma need to look out for ozone generators, air filtering systems that create ozone can do more harm than good. It`s because people with asthma have much more sensitive airways.

2. Pollen, Dust and Dust Mites


The HEPA filter is what you need if your main concern is to remove more solid airborne particles, like dust mites, dust, and pollen. Creating a safe and allergen free environment in your home with HEPA filters is recommended by The Department of Homeland Security.

Best alternative for dust?

Its Ionizer air cleaning system, and they are highly efficient at removing dust particles. They are very similar to common air purifiers, and only Ionizers use negative ions which attract positively charged dust particles. After both positively and negatively charged particles bond together, they simply fall down from the air. It is very basic and efficient principle for removing dust.

There are also air purifiers which combine both technologies and offer an HEPA-type filter with built-in ionizer. Of course, this type of purifiers is both more expensive and more efficient.


3. Germs and Viruses

Just remember – To wash your hands!


U.S Centers for Disease Control recommends UV germicidal lamp as the best solution for removing viruses and germs. Germicidal UV lamps use UVC wavelength, which radiates UV rays. And then UV rays destroys microorganisms because they are lethal to the DNA in bacteria. Germicidal UV lamps will kill even the smallest microbes, and your home will be free from organic pollution. There is another efficient alternative that breaks down the DNA of germs, called as Photocatalytic Oxidation filters.

4. Mildew and Mold – Which is Which?


I`m quite sure that almost every one of you has experienced some mildew or mold problems in your home, especially if you live in a humid environment. Fungi such as mold, are often found in places where building materials collide with moisture. It`s the perfect place for them to grow.

The most dangerous part about mold is that it produces airborne spores which can harm your health.

In this case, air cleaner with certified HEPA filter would help you out. Or even better, HEPA air purifier with built-in ionizer. Ionizer will actually remove spores while HEPA filter will get rid of solid particles in the air.


The Choice is in Your Hands

To fight different types of air pollutants, there are different treatments. When you what kind of air pollution is your biggest issue, you can find the best air purifier for a more specific task and clean your air much more efficiently. It is good to know that ever since air purifiers showed up, manufacturers are developing new technologies and combining the old ones in order to create even more efficient air purifiers.

Nowadays, when so many people are suffering from asthma and allergies, and there are so many pollution sources around us, air purifiers in our homes are almost a necessity.

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